Are all 2az FE engines the same?

Is 2AZ-FE a good engine?

The 2AZ-FE used advanced features to improve efficiency and reliability. Unfortunately, this engine does have the same cult following that the 1UZ, 1JZ, and 2JZ have, but it’s still a cool little engine.

Which cars uses 1AZ engine?

1AZ-FSE (2.0 D-4 VVT) – with direct injection. Used for: Allion/Premio 240, Avensis 220.. 250, Caldina 240, Gaia, Isis, Nadia, Noah/Voxy 60, Opa, RAV4 20, Vista 50, Wish 10.

Is the Toyota 2.4 reliable?

Reliability of Toyota 2.4 Engine

The 2.4 engine is one of the most reliable and powerful engines ever built in automobile history. … For best performance, vehicle owners should ensure that the engine oil is replaced at every 60,000 miles covered.

What cars have 2ZZ engines?

Cars That Came With the 2ZZ-GE

  • Toyota Celica GT-S.
  • Toyota Corolla XRS.
  • Toyota Matrix XRS.
  • Pontiac Vibe GT.
  • Lotus Elise.
  • Lotus Exige.
  • Lotus 2-Eleven.

What is a D4 pump?

The D4 pumps are used for a number of different fluids: Lube oil, hydraulic oil, diesel & fuel oil and any non-aggressive fluid with sufficient lubricating properties. Typical applications are: – Fuel oil burner pumps for steam boilers (at paper mills, marine boilers, power plants) – Circulation of fuel oil.

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