Best answer: Are Lkq engines good?

Does LKQ ship engines?

How will you ship my engine, bumper, seat, or other large item? For large items such as those mentioned above, we ship via less-than-truckload (LTL) freight carriers. The costs to ship these types of items begin at $100 and can exceed $1,000 for complete engines with transmissions or transaxles.

Does LKQ sell crate engines?

We specialize in building Custom, Stroker, Crate, and Turn-Key performance engines that are guaranteed to meet the highest of expectations. We have spent years researching and engineering our engine packages to meet virtually every level of performance needs.

Can I buy a car from LKQ?

Yes! We’re always in the market to purchase junk cars and trucks. The value of your car depends on the year, make, model and condition of your car at the time of sale.

Can you return parts to Lkq?

LKQ Return Policy: Parts must be in an unaltered, re-sellable condition and in original packaging, with the invoice. Any returns received after 30 days from the invoice date are subject to a 20% handling/restocking fee. No returns will be accepted after 45 days from the invoice date.

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Does Lkq take credit cards?

We accept both PayPal and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, and American Express) for sales tax payments. If your PayPal account with LKQ Online shows a balance, we will contact you using information provided at checkout to arrange for payment.

Can you buy airbags from Lkq?

The LKQ pick-your-part and other self-service junkyards post signs that they won’t sell you an airbag anymore because they don’t want to deal with liability and the hassle of figuring out which are safe for you to buy and which are recalled Takata shrapnel bombs.

Is Lkq a good company to work for?

Overall, working for LKQ was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed working there. All of my co-workers and management staff were easy to get along with, the work was relatively enjoyable and the work hours were great.

Are power torque engines good?

Built with OE quality replacement parts and expert workmanship, Power Torque engines offer excellent value and reliability. There are over 150 processes involved in remanufacturing a Power Torque engine. Every Power Torque cylinder head is remanufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Are BluePrint engines good?

Their experience means that BluePrint is the best choice for reliable horsepower that you can drive every day. And you know it’s coming from a solid, reputable company that does the job right and stands behind it.

Who is RockAuto owned by?

Member of Taylor family, owners of auto parts retailer,, since 1999.

How does LKQ make money?

LKQ resells used-car parts, and makes a tidy profit from it, too. Read the fine print in your auto insurance policy and you’ll probably find a puzzling acronym, LKQ, which stands for “like kind and quality,” the standard insurers insist upon for parts used in auto repairs.

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Is RockAuto on the stock market?

Everything shown in our catalog is in stock and is ready to ship unless marked “Non-stock item” or “Out of Stock”.