Can you run an electric trolling motor out of water?

Do trolling motors need to be in water to work?

The motors require water to cool them. Without that, they can overheat extremely quickly. Most anglers won’t run an electric trolling motor outside of the water for any more than a minute and that is extreme. Gas motors can only run for a few seconds out of the water.

Will a trolling motor overheat out of water?

Yes it will. The motor is designed to be submerged for cooling.

How long should a trolling motor last?

However, a 24-volt trolling motor should last at least 8-10 hours and may last up to several days before you need new or recharged batteries.

Can you burn up a trolling motor?

John stated….. “The major cause of a trolling motor burning out is low battery voltage, line behind prop, or anything else that causes the prop to turn slower than it should. this causes more of a “short” and generates the heat that burns wiring, solder joints, and switches.”

How do you adjust the depth of a trolling motor?

Choosing the correct trolling motor shaft length is important so that the angler’s electric motor does not cavitate, creating fish-spooking noise. The rule of thumb is that the top of the motor section should be submerged 12″.

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Can you troll with an electric motor?

Power drive style electric motors are best suited for slow speed trolling applications because unlike the cable driven models, they can be pointed in a specific direction and allowed to troll along on course without needing constant adjustment to the course heading.

How long can an electric motor run continuously?

In the range of six months to a year, you should expect the motor to run continuously for the life of the brushes. I thought the motor was too small to have its brushes changed by an electrician.

Can I get more speed out of my trolling motor?

Replace the Trolling Motor

Look for ones that have a higher power output. Having a new motor will boost its speed and power.

How many HP is a 40 lb thrust trolling motor?

So 1 hp trolling motor basically equals to 70 lbs of thrust, and about 0.6 horsepower is a 55 lb thrust trolling.

Pounds of Thrust to Horsepower Chart.

Pounds of Thrust (lbs) 40/45
Amps 42
Voltage 12
Horsepower 0.5
Product for Your Reference Newport Vessels NV-Series (46 lb)

What is 55 lbs of thrust in horsepower?

Using this formula the popular Newport Vessels NV-Series 55lb Thrust Trolling Motor is rated as 624 watts at the highest forward speed and so 624/746 = 0.84 and would be roughly equivalent to a 0.84 horsepower motor.