Frequent question: When a vehicle is approaching from the front or rear?

When approaching another vehicle from the front or rear at night you should use?

When approaching the other vehicle from the rear at night, one must dim the high beam headlights within 200 feet of the other vehicle. Explanation : The high beam headlights should be used safely as it can eliminate the road from 350 to 400 feet ahead.

When should you approach your vehicle from the front?

5 Cards in this Set. How often should the pre-driving checks identified for approaching the vehicle, outside and inside the vehicle be performed? When approaching your vehicle parked at a curb, you should: Approach the driver’s door from the front of your vehicle, facing oncoming traffic.

When an emergency vehicle is approaching behind your vehicle?

Yield to Emergency Vehicles

It is against the law to follow within 300 feet behind any fire engine, police vehicle, ambulance, or other emergency vehicle with a siren or flashing lights (CVC §21706).

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When a car behind you have their high beams on day or night you should?

If you are driving with your high-beam lights on, you must dim them at least 500 ft from any oncoming vehicle, so you don’t blind the oncoming driver. You must use low-beam lights if you are within 200-300 ft of the vehicle you are following.

How can you tell if you are over driving your headlights at night?

You should drive at slower speeds at night so that you don’t overdrive your headlights. If the distance that you can see with your headlights is shorter than the distance that it would take you to stop, then you won’t be able to stop in time to miss an obstacle. This is called overdriving your headlights.

What is the best way to determine where the front limitation of your car is when parking?

The purpose in choosing these visual reference points is to know where your car is actually located on the road. When parking next to a curb on the right, the center-hood ornament or the center of the hood works as a good reference point to tell where the right tires are located.

What are the rules for merging traffic?

According to the California Driver Handbook, drivers must enter the freeway at or near the speed of traffic and should not stop before merging into traffic unless it is absolutely necessary. Drivers are also discouraged from trying to merge into small gaps to avoid following too closely.

Is Power Steering affected if your engine stalls?

Power steering will be affected if your engine stalls. It is important to have a balanced hand position, if a sudden movement of the steering wheel is needed. … Shock absorbers help a driver to maintain steering and braking control of their vehicle.

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Where you feel the engine take hold and the vehicle start to move is called the?

Where you feel the engine take hold and the vehicle start to move is called the. Friction point. If leaving the car from the street side.

What does the odometer tell you?

An odometer is a device that is used for measuring the distance traveled by a vehicle. The odometer is usually situated in the vehicle’s dashboard. … Digital odometers differ from mechanical odometers in that a computer chip is used to track mileage. The current mileage will be digitally displayed.

How many feet should you stop behind a car?

The two-second rule is a rule of thumb by which a driver may maintain a safe trailing distance at any speed.

What to do if a police car is behind you?

If the police officer simply wanted to get past you, you can pull back into the road after the vehicle goes by. However, if they stay behind you with their lights and sirens on they are attempting to stop you for a traffic violation. Pull over to the side of the road as soon as safety allows.