How do I claim my Autozone rebate?

How do I get my rebate from Autozone?

Get the free autozone com rebates form

If you have not PROOF OF PURCHASE online for offer received your payment within 12 or you may mail in your rebate form weeks please call 855-801-5826 WITH YOUR AUTOZONE REGISTER RECEIPT Monday-Friday 8 AM – 7 30 PM PURCHASE to the address below.

How do I check my Autozone Rewards balance?

Visit your local AutoZone or for new deals every week. Ask an AutoZone store associate to answer questions about the program and provide your status and balance. Contact AutoZone Rewards Customer Service at 1-800-741-9179 with any additional questions or concerns.

How do I claim mail in rebate from Macys?

How to submit a rebate form :

  1. Print out and complete the mail-in rebate form for the item(s) you purchased below.
  2. Attach your original sales receipt or packing slip and UPC label from the qualifying product. …
  3. Review and fill out the required information on your rebate form.
  4. Mail to the address shown on the form.

Can you return a battery to AutoZone without receipt?

To return a product to an AutoZone store, return an item in its original condition and packaging, with receipt, within 90 days of the purchase date to request a refund. … If you are returning an item(s) and you no longer have the receipt(s), contact AutoZone Customer Support at 800.288.

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Will AutoZone return without receipt?

AutoZone’s return policy allows returns of eligible products within 90 days of the purchase date. You will need the original packaging for the product, the receipt, and in most cases, a government-issued photo ID. For AutoZone returns without a receipt, you need to call their customer support at 800-288-6966.

Where is the AutoZone headquarters located?

Will AutoZone change my battery?

We offer free testing and charging so you can make sure your battery actually needs replacing. If you do require a new one, we’ll help you find the right battery for your vehicle and driving habits.

Does Advance Auto Parts do cash back?

Get up to 4% of your purchase back when you shop with Advance Auto Parts. Sign up for free and just shop with Advance Auto Parts as normal. Our average member earns over $450 cashback a year.

How do I check AutoZone warranty?

The length of AutoZone’s Limited Warranty varies with each part. To locate the length of the Warranty on your part, please visit our Shopping area. Commercial warranty information can be obtained from your local AutoZone commercial store.

How do I submit a rebate?

Follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way to saving money with rebates.

  1. Find the Mail In Rebates That Will Get You Free and Cheap Products. …
  2. Purchase the Product for the Mail In Rebate. …
  3. Fill Out the Mail In Rebate. …
  4. Make Sure You Have Everything In Your Envelope. …
  5. Beware of Mail In Rebate Deadlines.

How does the mail in rebate work?

Mail-in rebates work through a process similar to manufacturers’ coupons, but they are used after purchasing the product at full price and sending a form and proof of purchase to the manufacturer through the mail. … Once processed, the manufacturer would send you a check for the rebate value by mail.

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