How do I tell what year my 727 transmission is?

How do I identify my Mopar transmission?

How do I Identify Chrysler Transmissions?

  1. Determine if the transmission is an automatic or a manual, also known as a standard transmission.
  2. Go underneath the vehicle to access the transmission. …
  3. Count the number of bolts and view the transmission pan shape on the automatic transmission.

Are all 727 transmissions the same?

Much of what helped make the Chrysler 727 so strong had to do with its simple design. All versions featured the same gear ratios: 2.54:1 (1st), 1.45:1 (2nd), 1.01 (3rd) and 2.21:1 (reverse), along with two transmission bands.

How can you tell a 727 from a 904?

Get down on your knees or whatever on the passenger side and look at the side of the trans. A 904 has a STRAIGHT sided pan, the 727 has a big bulge towards the front of the side of the pan.

How do you identify a transmission?

Open the driver’s side door and find the white card on the side of the door that is filled with small black lettering. This card contains specific details about the year the car was made, its transmission, engine specifications and other details. Underneath or beside the “TR” symbol will be a number code.

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How much horsepower can a 727 handle?

Within these vehicles, the Mopar 727 could handle engines whose horsepower went as high as 450hp which was an attestation of its strength.

How much fluid is in a-727 transmission?

For just a filter change with a stock pan, 4-5 quarts is all that’s needed.

Does 727 have overdrive?

Overdrive was added to the 727 and the numbers were changed, sometime in the mid 90’s.

Are TorqueFlite transmissions good?

The TorqueFlite Chrysler A904 and A727 ( Torque-Command) transmissions were introduced in early 1960. They were extremely reliable and bulletproof. They were installed in Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler cars, vans, trucks, and even race cars. … The TorqueFlite is considered one of the best Dodge/Chrysler transmissions.

Will a 727 transmission fit a 360?

Transmission and Drivetrain Tech

Yes it will the bolt pattern is the same.

What is an A500 transmission?

The A500 (also known as the 42RE) is a modified version of the A904. Introduced in 1989, this was the first light duty Chrysler 4 speed automatic. The majority can be found on trucks and vans, but are known to run with smaller vehicles as well, the Aston Martin for instance.