How many different size windshields are there?

How many different windshields are there?

There are three types of windshield glass that can be used on your vehicle; dealer glass, aftermarket glass, and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass.

Are windshields standard size?

59 inches X 31.5 Inches are the measurements of a Standard windshield. Nevertheless, because different cars come with different shape or design, no windscreen is the same.

What is the average size of a windshield?

Since a car windshield is designed to fit a specific vehicle perfectly, the windshield size differs as well. However, most manufacturers follow the industry standard of a standard windshield’s measurements, which is 59 inches x 31.5 inches (1).

How do I know the size of my windshield?

All measurements for one-piece and two-piece windshields (both passenger and driver side) are made from the edge of glass to the edge of glass, around the curve (where applicable) and through the center point of the windshield, in both directions as shown.

How do I know if my windshield is OEM?

OEM auto glass will likely be stamped with the carmaker’s brand name and logo. As for aftermarket or OEE auto glass, you need to tell your customers that: Aftermarket or OEE glass manufacturers are not licensed by car companies to fabricate windshields for their car models.

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What is the difference between OEM and OEE glass?

What is the difference between OEM and OEE auto glass? Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) auto glass is made by the same manufacturer as your original glass. Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) auto glass is made to the same standards, but by a different manufacturer.

Are windshields universal?

Not all glass is created equally and replacement glass for auto windshields clearly demonstrates this. If your car has a large crack in its windshield that you need to replace, you have options. There is OEM glass: that is your windshield will be replaced with an identical windshield made by the car manufacturer.

Are all windshield wipers the same size?

Windshield wiper blades are vehicle specific. On some vehicles, both wiper blades are the same size. On other vehicles, the two wiper blades are different sizes. … If you replace your wipers with a smaller sized blade, you will find that there are areas of the windshield that are not cleared.

Are car windshields universal?

And other windshields can use a universal molding that most auto glass shops have on hand. … OEM’s are certified by the Department of Transportation for meeting industry safety standards and these windshields are virtually identical to the windshield the manufacturer made.

How wide is a Ford f150 windshield?

The 2018 Ford F-150 windshield dimensions are 59 inches X31. 5 inches. The windshield plays a major role in a vehicle in many ways.

What are the dimensions of a suburban windshield?

Dimensions: 58″ L x 27.5″ W. For Full Windshield.

How wide is a Silverado windshield?

The Chevrolet Silverado has windshield dimensions of 58 inches in length, by 27.5 inches in width.

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How do I know what windshield wipers to get?

Look in your car’s owner’s manual, measure the blade, or ask at an auto-parts store for the proper fit. While most wiper blades we have tested performed adequately, there is a dramatic difference between the best and worst blades.

How big is a Toyota Corolla windshield?

The 2017 Toyota Corollas windshield size iS58″ L X27. 5″ W.