How strong are windshield wiper motors?

How much weight can a windshield wiper motor lift?

I believe wiper motors generate about 12-13 ft/lbs of torque, so if you have a small spindle to use instead of a winch, a wiper motor may very well lift a 50lb load…slowly (Cap’n Jack is on to something with using a lighter door).

How much torque does a windshield wiper motor have?

Gearmotor for windshield wipers MRT62-43: DC gear motor with permanent magnet, 12V or 24V, with starting torque up to 60 Nm, to be mounted on an external mechanism for 1 or 2 single arms or for 1 pantograph arm. It is usually used for front or door windshields wipers.

How much HP is a wiper motor?

Product Specification

Motor Voltage 12V
Speed (Rpm) 45
Power (Watts or HP) 14
Rated Voltage 13.5 V
Current No load 1.5 A

How many amps does a wiper motor pull?

Neither draw more than 2.5 amps at 12 volts on full load. Mine normally takes about 2 amps and runs at around 8 volts.

How can I speed up my wiper motor?

Speed = Torque / Load. You have more torque, you have more speed, if you want to increase speed, increase torque or decrease load. If you limit your current, all you are doing is telling the power supply to lower the voltage if the current exceeds your limit. Lowering the voltage lowers the current.

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What is the power of a wiper motor?

Wiper motors will probably not exceed 50 watts (4.2 amps at 12 volts). A 30 amp motor will require 360 watts and probably produce at least 250 watts of mechanical power. An engine cooling fan or cabin heating/cooling fan might approach that power level.

Which type of motor is used as wiper motor?

In one form of the invention, an induction motor, together with a control system, is used to drive a windshield wiper in a vehicle. A conventional induction motor is preferred, but a consequent-pole induction motor can be used, in order to reduce cost.

How do wiper motors work?

Windshield wipers are powered by a small electric motor, usually mounted on the firewall or under the cowl (the area under the windshield’s base). The motor activates linkage that moves the wiper arms back and forth. On vehicles with a rear window wiper, a separate motor powers the one in the rear.

How fast does a wiper motor spin?

Premium 2-Speed 12VDC Wiper Motor

Wiper Motor Speed (Approximate)
Power Supply Terminal Speed
12VDC 5Amps Low 35 RPM
12VDC 5Amps High 50 RPM
5VDC 5Amps Low 15 RPM

How do you test a wiper motor with a battery?

step 2 :Testing the Wiper Motor 0:48

  1. Turn the key to the on position.
  2. Disconnect the wiper motor electrical connector.
  3. Connect the test light clamp to the negative battery post, if you have not already done so.
  4. Touch the test light probe to the terminal for the yellow wire to test the park function.