Is it hard to find parts for a discontinued car?

What to do if a part for your car is discontinued?

Because most manufacturers don’t inform their dealers that parts have been discontinued, the only way for the dealer to know is to manually check. It is a good idea to contact the online retailer to see if the part is available before placing an order and assuming that they have the part in stock.

Is it OK to buy a car that has been discontinued?

Buying a discontinued car model can be an investment, especially with older vehicles. Unlike with most cars, your vehicle might actually increase in value if you’re lucky — and you can often get a good deal on recently discontinued models. But it might not be the safest option out there.

Are discontinued car parts more expensive?

Unsurprisingly, discontinued models tend to depreciate in value quicker than remaining ones. They also aren’t likely to be hot commodities in the used car market. However, sometimes discontinued models become more valuable over time or are even brought back to life.

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What happens to car value after discontinued?

Going with a discontinued vehicle allows more wiggle room for negotiation, especially if a particular car has been on the dealer lot longer than average. … However, most discontinued cars tend to lose more value on average.

Can you still get parts for Oldsmobile?

As with all vehicles, Oldsmobiles are bound to need replacement parts due to wear and tear, even the latest models. Invest in your Oldsmobile and purchase only OEM parts – they’re guaranteed to be an exact fit for your vehicle’s specifications.

Why are parts discontinued?

There are several reasons an auto company may decide to discontinue replacement parts. They can range from lack of demand, inability to continue with an outside supplier, or because an aftermarket manufacturer has created a part priced below what the carmaker can make money on.

Is it bad to buy the last model year of a car?

If you’re buying a car that you plan to have for years, we suggest that you buy at the end of the model year. You’ll save money, and the depreciation and potentially outdated design likely won’t matter to you. If you replace cars every 2 or 3 years, however, we’d suggest waiting for the new model year.

Is it hard to find parts for a Saturn?

It might also be difficult for the dealership to obtain parts for old Saturn models. If you are committed to purchasing a Saturn, be prepared to spend time and money to get your vehicle repaired when needed, especially if you opt for the Vue, Sky, or Outlook models.

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Is it hard to sell a discontinued car?

It is possible to sell a discontinued car, but it may prove to be more difficult than selling ones that are still being made. When it is discontinued, a car enters a different realm of interest for prospective buyers, making it a narrower niche market.

How long are auto manufacturers required to make parts?

The car companies, they gotta make the parts available for 10 years, or maybe it’s six years. Either way, it’s the law.”

How do you get a car dealer to drop the price?

The best way to negotiate is to refuse to negotiate

you know your price, you’ve organised your finance and you know what you want), don’t negotiate. Just tell them what you want, tell them what you’ll pay and give them your number. Then leave. You have to be polite, but firm.

Is the Ford Edge being discontinued?

The Ford Edge and its more luxurious twin, the Lincoln Nautilus, will be discontinued after the 2023 model year, according to Automotive News. Both midsize crossovers are in their second generation, a design that dates back to the 2015 model year.