Question: Who makes Powerglide transmission?

Who builds the best Powerglide?

BTE manufactures all of the critical components to make the powerglide transmission the best choice for drag racing. We offer a variety of gear ratios, input shafts, clutch drums, roller components, and other items to custom fit almost any high performance vehicle.

Is a Powerglide transmission good?

Automatic transmission technology has made some big strides since 1950, but the PowerGlide is yet a serviceable transmission in a street car. Smooth and reliable. Just don’t expect to be impressed by it’s performance.

What is so special about a Powerglide transmission?

In fact, a Powerglide can weigh less than a standard manual transmission, provide a direct-drive feel with minimal slippage at the torque converter (or none at all with direct drive), and maintain a relatively low rotating mass. Many Street Stocks, I.M.C.A.

What vehicles did the Powerglide come in?

Other cars employing the Powerglide were the 1964 to 1972 Chevelle and Malibu, 1967 to 1972 Camaro, 1962 to 1973 Nova, 1962 to 1967 Corvette, 1970 to 1972 Monte Carlo, 1971 to 1973 Vega, 1964 to 1971 full-size pickups and vans and the 1971 to 1972 El Camino utility coupe pickup.

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How much HP can a Powerglide handle?

With all the available upgrades, both the Powerglide and the TH400 are capable of withstanding an incredible 3,500 horsepower.

What’s better Powerglide or TH400?

In these types of applications, a Powerglide is the ultimate in consistency as well. On the other hand, for cars that will see any street time at all, a TH400 is a better option. In race cars, compared to a Powerglide a TH400 is better suited for cars with large tires and taller rearend gearing.

How do I know if my transmission is 2 speed Powerglide?

Identifying a Powerglide Transmission

Identify early cast-iron Powerglides by locating the word “Powerglide,” stamped on the passenger side of the transmission. Another identification feature is that the cast-iron models have no pan on the bottom of the transmission.

Why is Powerglide good?

The Powerglide has just two speeds: low and high. And its durability allows it to run 100 to 150 races before needing a rebuilding that takes only two hours, Coughlin says. “It’s bulletproof, simple and easy to customize,” he says.

How much does a Powerglide transmission cost?

$250-300 plus parts if you have a pro do it.

Will a powerglide bolt up to a 350?

Registered. The powerglide should be fine with the 350 unless it is an air cooled version.

Is a powerglide a 2 speed?

The Powerglide is a two-speed automatic transmission designed by General Motors. It was available primarily on Chevrolet from January 1950 through 1973, although some Pontiac models also used this automatic transmission after the fire at the Hydra-Matic factory in 1953.

Is a powerglide Streetable?

They are very streetable. I have several guys with glides and a gear vendor OD unit giving them a 4 speed trans if they split shift them.

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How many times does a Powerglide shift?

A correctly operating PG will shift under light throttle, 12-15 in/Hg., at 18-22 mph, depending upon final gear ratio and tire size. Powerglides come in two flavors, V8 = 1.76:1 first gear ratio, L6 = 1.82:1 ratio.

What kind of fluid goes in a Powerglide transmission?

The original Dexron transmission fluid was introduced in 1968. Over the years, the original Dexron was supplanted by Dexron-II, Dexron-IIE, Dexron-III, and Dexron-VI, which is the current fluid.