Quick Answer: What is a bumper package?

Does bumper mean large?

If you say that something is bumper size, you mean that it is very large.

What does bumper mean in English?

1 : a device for absorbing shock or preventing damage (as in collision) specifically : a bar at either end of an automobile. 2 : one that bumps.

Where does the saying bumper crops come from?

In agriculture, a Bumper Crop is a crop that has yielded an unusually productive harvest. The word “bumper” in this context comes from a usage that means “something unusually large”, which is where this term comes from.

What’s a bumper year?

DEFINITIONS1. bigger or more successful than usual. It’s been a bumper year for car sales.

What is bumper profit?

adjective [ADJ n] If you say that something is bumper size, you mean that it is very large. … bumper profits.

What is bumper to bumper traffic?

If traffic is bumper to bumper, the vehicles are so close to one another that they are almost touching and are moving very slowly.

Is bumper com legit?

The worst Vin search service ever. You can find the information they put on vinsearch.com and other free services. Please don’t purchase this service as it won’t give you any new information. Use carfax or other reputable sites, not bumper.com.

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What is a bumper in bowling?

New Word Suggestion. In bowling usually for beginners or young children in which the gutters of the bowling lane are covered so that wayward bowling balls thrown by the participant will stay on the lane. Submitted By: DavedWachsman – 04/01/2013. Approval Status: Pending Investigation.

What is a bumper crop called?

Question: Where did the term “bumper crop” or “bumper year” come from? Answer: A cup or glass of wine, filled to the brim, used to be called a bumper.

What are the important aspects of getting a bumper crop?

the important aspects of getting a bumper crop is to recognise the agriculture practices are also known as basic practices of crop production these include:

  • preparation of soil.
  • selection and sowing of seeds.
  • application of manure and fertilizers.
  • irrigation.
  • protection from weeds.
  • protection of crops from pests and diseases.

What are the causes of bumper production?

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Strong assurance from better than expected monsoon, 40-60 per cent higher water availability in the reservoirs, and 5 per cent higher offtake of fertiliser during the first four months of this year are the major signs indicating a bumper production this year.

What is a bumper in TV?

In broadcasting, a commercial bumper, ident bumper, or break-bumper (often shortened to bump) is a brief announcement, usually two to fifteen seconds in length that can contain a voice over, placed between a pause in the program and its commercial break, and vice versa. … Bumpers can vary from simple text to short films.