Should I use Loctite on motor mount bolts?

Can I use red thread locker for motor bolts?

It’s a medium to high strength threadlocker. Curing takes around 24 hours, and to remove, heat might be required. Red: As described above, red one is a high strength threadlocker. … High-stress parts like automotive chassis bolts can use Red threadlocker.

Can you reuse motor mount bolts?

Re: temp reuse of motor mount stretch bolts

Yes – You can reuse them for a short time and you will be safe.

What grade should engine mount bolts be?

8.8 grade will be fine as the bolt only needs to be torqued to 45Nm. A 8.8 grade bolt can go to 49 uncoated or 59 for zinc coated. Look at the torques the bolts are in the service manual for the engine then buy the grade of bolt that can handle that torque. Just get some 10.9 and be done.

What do motor mounts bolt to?

Engine mounts are blocks of rubber mounted on steel brackets that are bolted into place to support the engine and reduce the amount of engine vibration and noise felt and heard in the passenger compartment.

Is Green Loctite stronger than red?

Can I use red Loctite instead of green Loctite? Green is stronger; red might give way in a high stress area.

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Whats stronger red or blue Loctite?

Loctite threadlocker blue is designed to easily be replaceable with common tools, whereas red is a more permanent fix. … This industrial grade threadlocker packs a stronger punch than the blue and can only be removed by heating the parts to 500F.

Is it hard to change motor mounts?

Generally, they are not easy to access, and you need to support the engine to replace one, so most of the mechanic’s motor mount cost is paying for labor. If the vehicle has three motor mounts and they are hard to get at, like in a minivan, labor costs are higher.

Can you drive with a bad motor mount?

A failing motor mount can lead to serious engine damage and will also greatly impact the performance of the vehicle. It is very unsafe to drive with a broken motor mount. If you feel a lot of vibration in the vehicle while you are driving, there’s a good chance it’s the motor mount.