What are the things on a car dashboard?

What are dashboard lights called?

Vehicle warning indicators, better known as dashboard warning lights, can be a vehicle owner’s worst nightmare. From the dreaded ‘check engine light’ to the ‘low tire pressure’ indicator, these symbols let you know that something is amiss with your vehicle.

What are the 3 main warning lights gauges?

There are three kinds of warning lights: Oil Pressure Warning Light. Temperature Warning Light. Battery Low Warning Light.

What does the red dot on my dashboard mean?

A red warning light demands immediate attention (don’t drive any further), while yellow/orange warning lights indicate a problem that needs to be serviced soon. If you see a green or blue light, this normally indicates that a certain car function is on or currently in use.

What is the function of dashboard?

A dashboard organizes and displays information in a format that is easy to read and understand. Most commonly, a dashboard is used as a starting point to pull all information and data into a single screen, so that information can be monitored at a glance.

How many dashboard lights are there?

A yellow or orange light signals that something may need to be repaired or serviced soon. A blue or green light can show that a certain system is in operation. There are well over 100 different dashboard warning lights in use by car manufacturers.

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What is the most common reason for check engine light?

Replacing a faulty oxygen sensor — a sensor used to optimize a vehicle’s fuel-to-air mixture to increase gas mileage and reduce emissions — is the most common cause for a check engine light.

What does the brake system warning light tell you?

When your car’s brake warning light comes on, it tells you something is wrong with the braking system; it can’t be put off or ignored until later—the price for doing so could very expensive and very dangerous.