Frequent question: What must be done before performing an engine nacelle inspection?

What are the items to be checked in engine and nacelle group?

Engine and Nacelle

  • Engine — signs of leaking oil, fuel or hydraulic fluids, cylinder compression and debris on screens and sump drain plugs.
  • Dampeners — deterioration or damage.
  • Cowling — cracks or defects.
  • Exhaust — proper attachment and cracks or defects.
  • Studs and nuts — loose or missing.

What must be accomplished to an aircraft and engine prior to performing a 100 hour inspection?

(a) Each person performing an annual or 100-hour inspection shall, before that inspection, remove or open all necessary inspection plates, access doors, fairing, and cowling. He shall thoroughly clean the aircraft and aircraft engine.

What requires inspection before an aircraft engine is installed?

Is the use of a checklist required when performing an annual or 100-hour inspection of an aircraft engine? … The inside of the cylinders must be inspected with a borescope. The oil must be changed and the filters examined, and the engine given a careful run-up and operational check.

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What are the required inspections for your aircraft?

Technical Information

  • Annual Inspection (FAR 91.409) Most general aviation aircraft require an annual inspection. …
  • 100-Hour Inspection (FAR 91.409) …
  • Progressive Inspections (FAR 91.409) …
  • Items Checked During Inspections (FAR 43) …
  • Altimeter (FAR 91.411) …
  • Transponders (FAR 91.413) …
  • Emergency Locater Transmitter (FAR 91.207)

What are the 4 types of aircraft logbooks?

(i) An aircraft logbook, engine logbook(s) or engine module log cards, propeller logbook(s) and log cards for any service life limited component as appropriate, and, (ii) When required for commercial air transport or by DGCA for commercial operations other than commercial air transport, the operator’s technical log.

What is the 14 CFR?

14 CFR Overview

Title 14 is the principal set of rules and regulations (sometimes called administrative law) issued by the Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration, federal agencies of the United States regarding Aeronautics and Space.

What is a 100 hour inspection checklist?

Each person performing an annual condition or 100-hour inspection shall inspect the following components of the radio group: Pass Fail Inspection Items Radio and electronic equipment for improper installation and insecure mounting. Wiring and conduits for improper routing, insecure mounting, and obvious defects.

What is CFR Part 65?


Which far prescribes the requirements for an inspection authorization?

The basic functions of the holder of an inspection authorization (IA) are set forth in Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 65, § 65.95.

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What FAR requires the 100 hour inspection of an aircraft engine?

100-hour inspections are required only on aircraft that carry persons for hire or are used to give flight instruction for hire.

What is a annual inspection?

An annual inspection done to your property has a building inspector check every nook and cranny of your home or business to be sure everything is all right or put on a maintenance checklist if needed.