How long do Volkswagen car batteries last?

How long do Volkswagen batteries last?

Volkswagen has strict requirements for their batteries and offers warranties to protect your battery. The average battery lasts two to three years, but VW batteries will last longer with the proper care and maintenance.

How much does it cost to replace a Volkswagen battery?

How much to replace the battery in my volkswagen? Depending on power, size, and quality, prices for a replacement car battery range from about $45 to $250. Your local dealership, auto parts store or automotive service center can check your current battery or hook you up with a new car battery.

When should a VW battery be replaced?

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The general rule when it comes to replacing your vehicle’s battery is that you should replace it within about five years, though sometimes sooner may be necessary.

How do I know if my VW battery is bad?

The most common symptoms of bad VW Passat batteries are if your car is slow to start after turning the key, or if your battery cables and connectors show signs of heavy corrosion. You may also notice a clicking sound when turning the key or if your electronics work but the car won’t start.

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What are signs of bad battery?

5 Unmistakable Signs Your Car Battery is Failing

  • Dim headlights. If your car battery is failing, it’s not going to be able to fully power your vehicle’s electrical components – including your headlights. …
  • Clicking sound when you turn the key. …
  • Slow crank. …
  • Needing to press on the gas pedal to start. …
  • Backfiring.

Will Autozone change my battery?

We offer free testing and charging so you can make sure your battery actually needs replacing. If you do require a new one, we’ll help you find the right battery for your vehicle and driving habits.

Do Volkswagens need special batteries?

Unlike any other battery on the market, Genuine VW Batteries are specially designed to meet the precise power requirements of your sophisticated VW model as well as the electronic demands of today’s European-engineered cars. … However, even the best batteries will eventually require a replacement.

How do I reset my VW battery after changing it?

How to Reset the Immobilizer

  1. Disconnect both battery cables.
  2. Tap both cables together.
  3. Leave the cables disconnected for fifteen minutes.
  4. Reconnect the cables to the battery.

What brand battery does VW use?

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd., known as CATL, is VW’s main battery supplier in its largest market.

How long does a car battery last?

Some cars will get up to five or six years out of their battery, while others will need a new one after only two years. In general, your car will usually need a new battery after three to four years. Replacing your car battery is another part of routine maintenance.

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How do you check a VW Polo battery?

Follow the steps below to test your battery.

  1. Make sure the ignition key and all of your vehicle’s lights are off.
  2. Connect the red (or positive) voltmeter test lead to your battery’s positive terminal.
  3. Connect the black (or negative) voltmeter test lead to your battery’s negative terminal.

How much is a Volkswagen Passat battery?

Volkswagen Passat Battery Replacement Cost Estimate. Labor costs are estimated between $74 and $93 while parts are priced at $164. This range is based on the number and age of Volkswagen Passat’s on the road.